Cellerciser – The Most Effective Exercise on the Planet

the most effective exercise on the planet
This 10 Minute Exercise Could Change Your Life


Do you ever find yourself searching for new ways to get yourself in shape that is not the typical or routine way of getting fit, especially around the holidays and the dreaded bathing suit season? Well I have found this new efficient and effective, not to mention fun way to do just that. It’s called Rebounding, where you use a small trampoline to get your whole body moving and get your blood flowing. Let’s explore a few reasons it has been called the most effective exercise on the planet.

Now you may be thinking there is no way I can jump on a small trampoline without hurting myself, I thought the same myself but, after using my Rebounder daily I have noticed a major change in not only my body but my energy and my health has increased tremendously. To better understand what I mean by this here are some facts about this unique new way of exercise and the benefits that not only myself but my family have experienced since we started on our Rebounding journey.

Things You Might Be Asking Yourself

Now I know most of us like myself aren’t health experts but all of us know when there are issues inside our body, it usually gives us warning signs to let us know there is something wrong. Your body has trillions of cells working as a team daily to make sure we can function in everyday life.

Most people go to a gym or have trainers to whip us into shape, which if you are like me the only word to describe that is torture. With the Rebounder not only do you get to jump on a small trampoline, who doesn’t like to do that, but your entire body gets the workout just by jumping. When your cells are healthy that means your body is healthy making you feel great and look great as well.

Think of the cells as trillions of tiny batteries moving through your body holding electricity that keeps you functioning, whether you are sitting up straight, walking through the park taking in all the wonderful scenery around you, as well as, hearing the birds chirping in the trees, the electricity from the cells are powering up your muscles allowing you to do so. Another thing you might wonder is how do the cells generate this electricity, do the cells lose this energy, and how can you recharge this energy in order for you to feel better? Rebounding helps you do just that.

Facts About The Body’s Natural Energy Source

Now think of how you feel after a long day sitting at your desk at work, maybe fast food for lunch, and sitting in a cubicle until you get home exhausted, only to have your second job at home with your family. Seems like you never have enough energy, or pray for more halfway through your day, well the reason is your cells are lacking energy too.

Your cells, when functioning properly receive help from the blood vessels to carry oxygenated blood to the cells that help produce energy to your body. That way you can carry on with your daily activities. Along with the blood, your cells receive the most vital thing needed to keep your cells at maximum capacity which is oxygen. With fresh oxygenated blood your cells can now flow through your body fueled up and ready to take action.

In order for your cells to maintain a healthy function, and you not catch an illness, your body has a waste management system known as the Lymphatic system or the cleaning system to get rid of and clear out waste from your cells. When your cells are healthy and making sure all systems are go, they are in what’s called a dry state, but when your body lacks the necessary nutrients needed to keep the vessels healthy, your cells start to clump together this is what is called a wet state, that’s when you start to feel the aches, pains, or things like the common cold come on.

This can cause many issues with your whole body and state of mind, in which some use food or substances to give them energy, this up and down cycle will continue if you do not listen to your body’s red flags.

The answer to breaking this cycle is to get the body in action and the Rebounder in my opinion is the most effective and in particular the Cellerciser by David Hall. I’ve done the research for you already and this is the one I personally use because of their patented spring design and because they have lots of valuable training demos along with a 30 day risk free money back guarantee.

Rebounding Is The Fun Way To Whip You Back Into Shape

I know what you may be thinking, it seems kinda silly that jumping up and down can make you not only get into shape but make you feel like you are on top of the world. Well rebounding really does the job. Rebounding is a gravity based exercise, using acceleration and deceleration along with it to help strengthen your entire body. As you jump up and down the weight of your body is constantly changing which makes the cells adapt to the changing environment, making you stronger.

When your body is in a downward bounce the stress of gravity strengthens your cells because of the need to adapt to the changing environment. Now, when you go up the cells relax from the weightlessness you feel for a brief moment. I’m not sure about you but I can’t think of a more fun way to knock off any extra pounds and get stronger without having to go through a boot camp like routine that you normally would having a trainer or a workout video.

Plus the jarring effect from the hard surface on your joints is greatly reduced. So less aches and pains with more coordination and balance. The design of the Rebounder from the large spring system, to the soft unsteady base, keeps you on your toes but also works every part of your body, mind, and soul.

So the next time you are racking your brain on how to get into shape without the dread of the gym, think of the Rebounder and how it can change the way you life your life. Try it risk free for 30 days and get hooked like I did..


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