I’m Very Interested In Yoga, But Don’t Know How Or Where To Start In 2020

Start Here If You’re Interested In Yoga But Don’t Know Where To Start?

“I was once in you’re shoes because it seemed all of a sudden yoga was becoming a trend around me. Everybody seemed to be interested in yoga, and we all have our own reason to become interested in yoga but I was going through what I later found out to be a sort of “spiritual awakening” when i became interested in yoga after a lifelong series of traumatic experiences”

Anyways, I was interested in yoga because I heard of the stress management benefits it was capable of, but I didn’t have a clue of where to begin. Not only that, but I didn’t want to join some yoga group or community of yoga practitioners as a complete beginner for fear of looking like a fool. Does that sound familiar? If so then you are in the right place. Here is a table showing what you can expect to learn in this post so you can begin your yoga journey the right way.”

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    11. EAGLE POSE

Is Snoring Keeping You Up At Night?

Introduction To Yoga

Yoga, it’s the magic word, which has guided humans all over the  world towards better health, peace of mind and even prosperity.  Yoga has the power to transform one’s life and takes the person to  an amazing feeling of serenity and calmness. Not many are aware  of the powers of yoga and the asana recommended by this unique  therapeutic science.  

Today millions are interested in yoga

There are also many who don’t even know what yoga is and have  their own notions about it based on what they have heard or seen.  Before you start practicing yoga, it’s important to understand what  it means and its basic facts. This will make sure you imbibe the  goodness of yoga into your soul and are able to practice this science  in the perfect way so as to gain maximum benefits.  

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “yoga”. Well, you may think of a bunch of women in seemingly impossible poses. If this is what you think yoga is all about, then you may just have an inkling of this amazing science. And yes, that’s it – just inkling. You  got to go a long way before fully understanding Yoga. Yet, there is an intuitive reason why you are suddenly interested in yoga. 

This Post Really Focuses On These 3 Main Pillars:

Reasons you should practice yoga 

Benefits derived 

Yoga poses and the mistakes to avoid 

It’s my firm belief that it will provide you with all the answers to  your questions.

What Are The 7 Primary Forms Of Yoga?

There are seven primary forms of yoga: Hatha, Vinyasa, Power,  Ashtanga, Bikram, and Iyengar yoga. Hatha is the most common  and easiest form of yoga. It combines breathing techniques and  basic movements. Vinyasa yoga combines multiple poses that  smoothly transition into one another.  

Power yoga is an intense form, designed to build muscles quickly.  Ashtanga is similar to Vinyasa yoga in that it combines multiple  poses that smoothly transition into one another; it is unique in that  the poses include special breathing techniques. Bikram is a  collection of 26 yoga poses designed to be performed in very hot  temperatures. Finally, Iyengar yoga utilizes objects like blocks or  chairs to align the body in the proper position. In this book, we will  focus primarily on the first form, Hatha Yoga.  

If you are already a committed practitioner of yoga, you probably  will use established routines and will have successfully worked  yoga into your life. 

 Is Yoga Suitable For Everyone

Is yoga the right type of workout for you? I would assert that yoga  can accommodate any lifestyle. There are aspects of yoga that can  be implemented in the office, on a plane, at your desk, pretty much  anywhere. Because yoga doesn’t require special equipment, it is  easy to maintain your daily yoga practice when you travel. Even if  your life is hectic, you can (and should) introduce yoga into your  daily routine, if only for five minutes at a time.  

If you already have a solid workout routine, all the better; Yoga can  easily be tacked on to either end of your workout. You can regularly  practice yoga whether you have a set schedule or one that varies  wildly. It makes no difference whether you live in the mountains,  on the beachfront, or in between. Whether you live in a studio  apartment or a 20-bedroom mansion, you can still find space for  yoga! In other words, there’s really no excuse not to include yoga  as part of your life. It’s so beneficial, why not give it a shot? Are you still interested in yoga? Great let’s explore further. 

When And Where Should I Do Yoga

If you already have a regular workout routine, but are interested in yoga, you can easily  introduce a single yoga position into your cool-down. Use a single  pose for several days, before moving on to anything else. This gives  your body time to adjust to the new positioning and truly learn its  process, which can be more challenging than it appears on the  surface.  

The “when” and “where” of yoga don’t matter as long as it’s  consistent. The consistent practice of yoga is what makes it  effective. Many people find that waking up a half-hour earlier than  usual to incorporate a yoga routine into their lives produces  noticeable results.  

Yoga is a great way to get your day started. Other people rely on  yoga in the evening, claiming it helps them fall asleep easier. Don’t  have time to wake up a half hour early? You can also practice yoga  at work if your environment allows. Many of the poses can be  performed while sitting on a chair. You can execute others while  standing or waiting in line. The only restriction: do not practice  yoga within a couple hours of eating.  

To make it easier to practice yoga whenever and wherever  opportunity presents itself, I recommend keeping a yoga mat and a set of comfortable workout clothes in your car. You never know  when it’ll come in handy.  

Even though you can do yoga everywhere and anywhere, I  recommend that you set aside a comfortable space in your home  just for yoga. One of my friends that helped me become interested in yoga was fortunate enough to have an  extra room in her home that she set apart for yoga. Dubbed “The  Yoga Room”, it was carpeted, the walls were uncluttered, and the  room contained only the items she needed for her yoga work. I  found it clean, open, refreshing, and relaxing – the perfect place for  yoga. If you don’t have the space to devote a whole room to yoga,  you can at least clear a portion of a room – preferably with a wall,  as it will come in handy for occasional support.  

How Often Should I Do Yoga To See Results

Let’s begin to establish a yoga plan. If you are just beginning to  explore yoga, it is important that you enter the practice gently.  Your body needs time to ease into the changes you are introducing  to it. At the same time, your body needs to experience yoga on a regular basis, so you can begin to discover its benefits in your body,  your mind, and your spirit.  

A gentle introduction to yoga would be to give yourself five minutes  a day to enter into one or two of the poses. Yes, five minutes is all  you need at first. Tack it onto one of your existing routines. For  example, if you have a set routine you follow for the start of your  day, five minutes of yoga added on can help you clear your mind  and rev up your body, preparing for action. On the other hand, if  you have a series of activities you normally follow before you go to  bed (and if you do not, I highly recommend you start), five minutes  of yoga can help you relax and can prepare your mind and body for  a good night’s rest. I know this is sometimes hard when we become interested in yoga it can be addictive.

Start with one or two poses that work for you. After a couple weeks,  try out another pose or two. As you begin to notice the benefits in  the form of greater alertness and flexibility, etc., feel free to expand  your yoga time to 10 minutes a day or longer.  

Once you reach the point that you are expanding your yoga practice  to 20 or 30 minutes at a time, you should consider giving yoga a  timeslot of its own. Sure, you can keep yoga for the start or end of  your day, but if you find it is cramping your mornings or evenings,  feel free to experiment with other times of day. I suggest you continue using one or two yoga positions to help you wake up and  to prepare you for sleep; at the same time, give yourself at least  three set blocks of time a week to devote to more extended yoga practice.

Mistakes To Avoid As A Beginner

Yoga can provide you all sorts of benefits including physical and  mental stress relief, slowing the aging process, mood improvement,  along with relaxation and peace. These are a few reasons I initially became interested in yoga. However, beginners, usually out  of being over enthusiastic they often make some mistakes at understanding  and practicing yoga and try the poses without proper guidance. Not  just the beginners; but some experienced yogis also make some  mistakes while practicing the yoga postures. They can surely  benefit from some fine-tuning and by knowing the common yoga  mistakes. 

Can You Do Too Much Yoga

It has been noted that most people know when they are trying to  push themselves too hard; but they like doing it. This is so because  when we think of exercise, we have one common theory and that’s  “No pain no gain”. Even when we exercise in a gym, we do not feel  satisfied with the workout unless our muscles start to cry uncle. But, yoga is the exact opposite. If your muscles are cringing with  pain, then it’s a sign that you’re on the fast track to injury and muscle strains. Yoga asanas should never cause pain. Yoga is about  awareness. It’s about listening to the subtle signals your body sends  you and you have to respond accordingly. So, if it starts to get  painful, you must back off. 

Comparing Yourself To Others

When you start yoga at home or in a class, you will find some super flexible yogis or their pictures that seem to master every move  effortlessly. You are bound to feel intimidated by their flexibility and  would love to reach that stage. However, it doesn’t come easily. It  needs years of practicing. Comparing yourself with others will only  cause a lot of frustration and you may end up convincing yourself  that yoga is not for you. Hence, you must fight the urge to compare  yourself with the experienced yogis and get down on yourself. 

Interested in yoga

Don’t Pick The Wrong Spot To Practice

If you are planning to attend yoga classes, which place you think  would be the best? Of course, you would like to be in the front! Right? Wrong! If you want to place your mat wisely, then go to the  back of the class. I made this mistake when I first became interested in yoga. You do not need to be in the front to see the  instructor because most of the times he or she will be moving  around and helping people correct their pose. You can also try the  row previous-to-the-last. Some moves may require you to face the  back of the room. So being in the last-but-one row will guarantee  that you always have someone to follow without disturbing your  form to look over to the side. 

Don’t Practice Asana With A Full Stomach

You should never practice yoga poses on a full stomach. When you  have a full stomach, the poses can get uncomfortable. Besides, the  blood supply that is funneled to your digestive organs can leave  your muscles shortchanged on the energy needed for a successful  practice. Well, we agree that food is like fuel for our body. But, the  key to benefitting from this fuel is to eat about an hour before your  session and to keep the portion size down. This will make sure the  blood has enough time to digest the food, pick up the energizing  nutrients and pass them to the muscles before your first pose. 

Should I Practice Asanas Everyday

When we first become interested in yoga we want to do it everyday. Yoga is a strength-building activity. But, you have to give your  muscles some time to recuperate from the micro-tears that occur  with each workout, especially in the beginning. Hence, you are  advised to practice yoga every other day when you are just starting  out; otherwise your muscles will be exhausted. 

Not Warming Up Properly

Time crunch is an unavoidable part of our routine. This time  crunch may tempt you to skip the warm-up moves and go into a  complicated posture directly. But this is sure to increase your risk  of injury. You must do some stretching for at least 5 minutes to  warm up your body to the point where it can go into the serious  poses more easily.

Not Cooling Down After Workouts

Just as you need to warm up before each yoga session, you also  need to cool down after the session. A cool-down for at least 10  minutes is essential to help your muscles and ligaments to repair  and recover before your next workout. This will also help you to  avoid fainting or dizziness that may occur due to the pooling of too  much of blood in the legs during standing postures.  

Yoga is an everyman’s activity; not just because it can be practiced  by anyone with a mat; but because it can be practiced from  anywhere and even by the elderly people, pregnant women and  those with physical restrictions, but are interested in yoga. However, just because you can  bust some of the yoga moves doesn’t mean you’re doing it the right  way or getting the most out of your efforts and the time spent.  When you practice yoga, it is important to look at your mistakes  and work to correct them to make sure your awareness and form  do not suffer.  

Avoiding these common beginners’ mistakes will help maximize  your benefits and reduce your risk of injury. And remember, yoga  is a continuous practice and your goal should be to improve  constantly to achieve perfection.

Yoga Poses And Mistakes To Avoid

Half Wheel Pose 

Half Wheel Pose is a perfect beginner if you are interested in yoga it can be great in your work place after a weekend of partying; that is, if you did. Even if you didn’t, the  pose is an excellent way to commence your yoga practices. The Half  Wheel Pose improves digestion. As you are well aware, indigestion  is the root cause of various ailments. Generous helpings of foods  over the weekend can cause indigestion and can be very disturbing  at work. Start with the Half Wheel Pose and move on. 


∙ Stand straight with the feet placed together and hands by your  sides. 

∙ Inhale as you lift your arms over your head and back. ∙ Deepen your bend as much as possible. 

∙ Remain in the pose for 20 seconds. 

∙ If you need a support, you can place your chair behind you and  hold the back rest for an easy bend.

Half Wheel Pose

Benefits Of Half Wheel Pose:

∙ Half Wheel Pose improves digestion. 

∙ It tones back muscles and treats back pain. 

∙ It strengthens your lungs and improves lung capacity. ∙ The pose regulates blood pressure and improves heart function. 

Points to Remember: 

Do not bend your knees. Keep your elbows straight as you bend  your arms backwards. 

Standing Forward Bend 

Standing Forward Bend is an excellent pose that stretches your  whole body. Your entire body is toned. 

Standing Forward Bend


∙ Stand straight with your hands by your sides. 

∙ Raise your hands over your head. Let the palms face each other.

∙ Inhale slowly as you bend forward and reach for the ground with  your fingers. 

∙ Place your palms by the sides of your feet. You can also bring  your palms behind and hold your legs or just place them at the  back of the legs. 

∙ Bring your face closer to your legs. You should aim at touching  your legs with your forehead. 

∙ Remain in the pose for 20 seconds. 

Benefits Of Standing Forward Bend

∙ Standing Forward Bend relieves neck pain. 

∙ It is effective for sciatic conditions. 

∙ The pose alleviates stress. 

∙ It increases blood flow to the brain and soothes the mind.  

Points to Remember: 

Do not bend your knees as you try to reach for the floor. Many beginners tend to keep their shoulders stiff. Focus on your  whole body and ensure that every part of your body is relaxed.

Note: Those with high blood pressure and eye problems should  refrain from doing Standing Forward Bend. 

Half Waist Wheel Pose 

The Half Waist Wheel Pose improves hip flexibility. It is not often  that you bend sideways, so performing this pose will make your  hips more flexible. It strengthens your back, too. 

Half Waist Wheel Pose


∙ Stand with your feet together. 

∙ Lift your hands over your head and place your palms against  each other. 

∙ Inhale. 

∙ Exhale as you bend at your hip toward your right. ∙ Remain in the pose for 20 seconds. 

∙ Repeat the same on the other side

Benefits Of Half Waist Wheel Pose

∙ The Half Waist Wheel Pose strengthens your lungs. ∙ It is effective for respiratory conditions. 

∙ It enhances your flexibility level. 

∙ The pose reduces waist fat. 

Points to Remember: 

Do not bend backward or forward while doing this pose. 

Note: Those with hip injury should avoid practicing this pose. 

Seated Forward Bend 

Seated Forward Bend is an excellent pose to energize you. It  relieves stress from your neck, upper back, and shoulders. It is a  must-do pose on the second day at work as you are sure to start  feeling the impact of work on your back and neck. You can also  perform this pose on other days of the week as well. 

Seated Forward Bend Pose


∙ Sit on the chair’s edge. 

∙ Raise your hands over your head. 

∙ Exhale and bend forward at your hips. 

∙ Bring your arms forward to place them by the sides of your feet.  You can also place them in front of your feet or bring your arms  between your legs to place your hands palms up under the chair’s  legs. 

∙ Lower your head and let your shoulders relax. 

∙ Remain in the pose for 15 seconds. 

Benefits Of Seated Forward Bend

∙ The Seated Forward Bend stretches the spine and neck. ∙ It stimulates the performance of abdominal organs. ∙ The pose soothes the mind. 

Points to Remember: 

Place your abdomen and chest on your thighs. Stretch your spine  as much as possible.

Note: Those with high blood pressure should place their head  above their heart. 

Seated Chair Twist 

Yet another beautiful and effective yoga pose from the comfort of  your chair, Seated Chair Twist tones your back and hips. 


Seated Chair Twist

∙ Sit on the chair comfortably. 

∙ Exhale and turn to your right. 

∙ Bring your left arm toward your right side and place it on the  outer side of the right thigh. 

∙ Place your right palm behind your right buttock. ∙ Turn to your right and look behind your right shoulder. ∙ Remain in the pose for 30 seconds. 

∙ Repeat the same on the other side.

Benefits Of Seated Chair Twist

∙ The Seated Chair Twist tones your back. 

∙ It stimulates the abdominal organs and improves their function. ∙ It improves hip flexibility. 

∙ It addresses neck pain. 

Points to Remember:  

Keep your feet on the floor. Do not turn the lower part of the body. 

Note: Those with severe neck pain can look straight ahead instead  of looking over the shoulder. 

Seated Back Bend 

The Seated Back Bend gives you the much needed relaxation to  your back muscles and neck. If your desk work takes up most of  your time in the work place, the Seated Back Bend can be the  perfect way to give your back what it deserves.

Seated Back Bend Pose


∙ Sit on the middle of your chair seat. 

∙ Bring your hands backwards to hold the sides of your seat behind  your back. Alternately, you can hold the lower part of the back  rest on either side. 

∙ Inhale and bend backwards at the hips. Let your head go as back  as possible while you arch your back. 

∙ Remain in the pose for 20 seconds. 

Benefits Of Seated Back Bend Pose

∙ The Seated Back Bend alleviates back pain. 

∙ It relaxes the shoulder muscles. 

∙ It is effective for neck pain. 

∙ The pose improves lung capacity. 

Points to Remember: 

Do not lift your heels. Keep your feet firmly on the floor. Keep the  elbows straight. If you feel that your shoulders are hunched, adjust  your seating position accordingly so that your shoulders are  relaxed.

Chair Pose 

Though named Chair Pose, the interesting and challenging aspect  of the pose is that you are to sit in an imaginary chair. The Chair  Pose is great for immunity. Here is how you do it. 

Chair Pose


∙ Stand straight with your hands by the sides. Maintain a feet  width distance between your feet. 

∙ Lift your hands forward and have them in level with your  shoulders. You may alternately stretch your hands over your  head. 

∙ Exhale slowly as you lower your butt to assume sitting posture  on an imaginary chair. 

∙ Remain in the pose for 1 minute. 

Benefits Of Chair Pose

∙ Chair Pose improves immunity. 

∙ It tones your spine and back. 

∙ It strengthens your legs. 

∙ The pose strengthens hip flexors, calf muscles, and ankles.

∙ It supports heart health. 

∙ It stimulates abdominal organs and boosts their performance  levels. 

Points to Remember:  

Do not bend too forward. Try to lower your butt as much as possible  without going too forward. 

Note: People with low blood pressure and insomnia should avoid  practicing Chair Pose. 

Revolved Chair Pose 

A variation of Chair Pose, the Revolved Chair Pose can aid in  getting the best out of you. Practice the pose to identify the  challenger in you. 

Revolved Chair Pose


∙ Stand straight with your feet together. 

∙ Exhale as you bend your knees and lower your butt.

∙ Let the kneecaps be directly above your toes. 

∙ Twist your hip to the right and bring your left arm toward the  right side. 

∙ Place both the palms together in salutation pose. The elbow of  your left hand should be placed on the outside of the right knee. ∙ Remain in the pose for 30 seconds. 

∙ Repeat the same on the other side. 

Benefits Of Revolved Chair Pose

∙ The Revolved Chair Pose strengthens hip flexors. ∙ It stretches calf muscles. 

∙ It stimulates your abdominal organs. 

∙ It improves digestion. 

∙ The pose promotes detoxification. 

∙ It tones your upper back and shoulders. 

∙ It improves lung function. 

Points to Remember: 

Do not space out your feet while on the pose as many do so to  maintain balance.

Note: Those who suffer from insomnia should avoid doing the  pose. People with low blood pressure should also avoid practicing  the Revolved Chair Pose. 

Warrior II Pose 

The Warrior II Pose strengthens your legs. It is one of those  wonderful balancing poses. 

Warrior II Pose


∙ Stand straight with about 4 feet space between your feet. ∙ Turn your right foot at an angle of 90 degrees to the right side. ∙ Bend the right leg at the knee to bring your right thigh parallel  to the floor. 

∙ Inhale and stretch your arms sideways. Let the hands be at  shoulder level. 

∙ Remain in the pose for 30 seconds. 

∙ Repeat the same on the other side.

Benefits Of Warrior II Pose: 

∙ The Warrior II Pose strengthens your legs. 

∙ It improves balance. 

∙ It alleviates back pain. 

∙ It improves lung capacity. 

Points to Remember:  

The pose can be performed with or without chair. 

Note: People with high blood pressure should not practice this  pose. 

Mountain Pose 

Mountain Pose does not seem to require much of an effort but it  definitely requires your focus to perform the pose to perfection.  And it has immense health benefits, too. The pose is particularly  beneficial considering the level of stress you have been  experiencing during the week.

Mountain Pose


∙ Sit on the chair with your spine straight and the hands on your  knees. 

∙ Inhale and stretch your arms sideways. 

∙ Exhale as you slowly lift your arms upwards over your head. ∙ Interlock your fingers and turn your palms upwards. ∙ Remain in the pose for 30 seconds. 

Benefits Of Mountain Pose

∙ The Mountain Pose stretches your spine and improves spine  health. 

∙ It tones your neck, shoulders, and back. 

∙ It stretches your hips. 

∙ It improves lung capacity. 

∙ The pose works great for all the joints in your arms. 

Points to Remember:  

Keep your spine straight. Your hands should be straight over your  head.

Eagle Pose 

Eagle Pose improves joint flexibility and stability. The pose aids in  creating awareness of your body. 

Eagle Pose


∙ Sit on a chair with your feet together and your hands resting on  your thighs. 

∙ Bring your right leg over your left leg and behind so that your  right foot is curled and remains on the right side of the left leg. ∙ Raise your arms up to shoulder level and bend the hands to bring  the palms together. 

∙ Bring your left hand under your right hand and curl around it so  that the palms are placed against each other. 

∙ Remain in the pose for 30 seconds. 

∙ Repeat the same on the other side. 

Benefits Of Eagle Pose: 

∙ The Eagle Pose enhances inner awareness. 

∙ It improves focus. 

∙ It boosts your will power and self-confidence.

∙ The pose strengthens your leg from thighs to feet. ∙ It improves digestion. 

Points to Remember:  

Do not let the elbows drop. Keep them in line with your shoulders. 

Note: Those with severe shoulder and arm conditions need to  avoid doing this pose. 

Cow Face Arms 

Cow Face Arms is a great way to unwind though the pose doesn’t  appear that way. It relaxes your tensed shoulders and hands. 

Cow Face Arms Pose


∙ Sit on a chair with the feet together. 

∙ Bring your left hand behind your back and bend it at the elbow  and raise it so that the left palm goes higher up. 

∙ Lift your right arm over your head and bring it back. 

∙ Clasp your hands. 

∙ Remain in the pose for 30 seconds. 

∙ Repeat the same on the other side. 

Benefits Of Cow Face Arms Pose

∙ Cow Face Arms tones your arms. 

∙ It alleviates stress in the shoulder, upper back, and arms. ∙ It improves digestion. 

Points to Remember: 

Keep the raised arm close to your ear and keep your elbow pointed  upwards. 

Note: Those with severe shoulder problems need to avoid  practicing this pose.

Exercises for Neck, Shoulders, and  Arms 

Neck pain is one of the most common conditions in many,  particularly, in those who stay rooted in their chairs in the  workplace. Other common complaints include shoulder pain. Arms  are no exception. Here are some simple exercises that can be  performed at any time. Practicing them while at work will relax the  muscles and alleviate stress. 

Neck Exercises 

Stretching your neck improves flexibility and helps to maintain  range of motion of cervical joints. Stiffness in the neck, which can  cause neck pain, can be cured if neck exercises are done regularly. 

1. Sit with your spine straight. Drop your chin down as much as  possible. Remain in the pose for 5 seconds. Tilt your head  backwards and remain in the pose for 5 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

2. Sit straight. Tilt your head to your right. Hold the pose for 3  seconds. Get back to position. Now tilt your head in the opposite  direction. Remain in the pose for 3 seconds. Repeat 5 times. 

3. Sit straight. Keep your shoulders relaxed and turn your head to  your right. Remain in the pose for 5 seconds and slowly turn  your head to your left. After 5 seconds, return to normal  position. Repeat 5 times. 

4. Sit straight. Drop your chin down and turn your head to your  right. Roll your neck back and to your left and return to the starting  point. Do the circular movement 5 times and repeat it in the  counter-clockwise direction. 

Shoulder Exercises 

Shoulder exercises relieve stiffness in your shoulders and cure pain.  These exercises are also helpful in treating pain in the upper arms.  Doing shoulder exercises regularly helps to improve your range of  movement.

1. Raise your shoulders as high as possible and drop them down.  Repeat 10 times. 

2. Place your arms on your thighs if you are seated. If you stand  while doing the following exercise, you may let the hands fall to  your sides. Push your shoulders back and raise them upwards.  Now, bring them forward and down. You will have completed a  circular movement in clockwise direction. Do it 5 times and repeat  in a counter-clockwise direction. 

3. Stretch your arms sideways, at shoulder level. Bring your  arms forward so that your palms touch each other without lowering  the height. Return to position. Do it 10 times. 

Arm Swings 

Arm swings help to relieve pain in the arms. They tone your hands  and improve blood circulation. Arm swings work on your  shoulders, too. 

1. Lift your right arm forward and straight up. Bring it back to  position as you lift the left arm up. Repeat the same movements  until you have completed 10 rounds.

2. Stretch your right arm forward to bring it up and behind to  complete a circular movement. Do it 5 times and repeat in reverse. Do the same with your left hand.



The Eastern science of yoga has mastered efficiency at reducing stress and boosting one’s well-being. This  ancient science also offers a broad range of physical health benefits  that can rival the other forms of exercises. Even though I am not a  comparer by nature, we all agree that all forms of exercises have  their pluses and minuses – Yoga has more benefits than any other  sport activities, as it’s a low-impact exercise if you are interested in yoga for these reasons, it has the potential to  knock out the benefits of gym workouts at every level. If you are still interested in yoga after reading this extensive guide we have an advanced course for people interested in yoga and are a bit past the beginner level. Plus we have a beginner level meditation free Beginner’s guide to meditation or an advanced course Mindful Meditation Masterclass Video Series

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