Quit Smoking


Even The Box Tells You To Quit, So Why Can’t You?

As with many drugs, the addiction can sometimes be so strong that it’s hard to break. Let’s look at some the negatives of smoking:

  • Coughing
  • Lung damage/cancer
  • Smell on everything, breath, clothes, hair
  • Bad example to children
  • Birth defects in pregnant mothers
  • Spending money which could be better spent

There’s so many more, yet people struggle to quit.

The Quit Smoking Hypnosis MP3 is here to help you reprogram the subconscious so that it can wrestle back control from your desire to smoke. It will be with you during the process, giving you support every day, encouraging you that you can do it. Then making sure the newly sewed seeds in your conscious grow and overpower all the urges to smoke.

Make the decision today, you’ve got nothing to lose but a whole lot to gain.


All you have to do is relax and listen to the audio for 21 days. Preferably in the evening before bed. It’s as simple as that, let the hypnosis reprogram your subconscious and unleash it’s full power.

Self Hypnosis To Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking