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Positive Affirmations – The Tricks of Using Affirmations to Transform Your Life

hey this is Leo for actualised org and in this quick self-help segment we are going to talk about positive affirmations all right so what are affirmations how do they work do they actually work and can you use them to create positive changes in your life and the answer of course is yes you can use them and if you study personal development and you study as much of this stuff as I have literally over a hundred thousand dollars worth hundreds of books some of the best seminars and you study all these people that are into personal development you see that they are all on board with positive affirmations so I’m on board with it too I’ve been using it now for about six months you’ve been using them actively and I’ve been getting some amazing results and so I want to share with you some of my quick little tidbits and tips and techniques for how to get positive affirmations to work magic in your life all right so what are positive affirmations and then we’ll get into the how-to in this video and there’s going to be more that I’m going to talk about in other videos this is kind of an intro so basically a positive affirmation is simply a short statement that you say to yourself and repeat to yourself in order to get your subconscious mind reprogrammed and thinking along and empowering train of thought so what’s an example well one that I’m using right now for example is simply this I am a millionaire that’s my affirmation and what I do is I repeat it to myself again and again and again so it would go something like this I am a millionaire I am a millionaire I am a millionaire I am a millionaire I am a millionaire I am a millionaire and that’s basically what it is pretty simple right of course I am not technically right now a millionaire even though I am financially independent so what is going on here why would I be saying this to myself isn’t this delusional isn’t this unrealistic isn’t this fantasy well when you go after goals and when you start to really get on board with this idea that you have a lot of potential within you that you’re not actually and you’re not actualizing right now then what you’re starting to understand is that in order to get to where you want to be you have to have some sort of faith some sort of confidence in anything successful that you’ve done in your life we can pretty much look back yet that history that you’ve gone through and notice that the places where you succeeded at where the places where you were confident we had some sort of faith that something would happen and you have some sort of vision beyond current reality and the places where you failed are those places where you were very doubtful second-guessing yourself very fearful and you were very much pinned down by current circumstances by current reality so the point of affirmations are to create empowering messages to your mind right because you have your conscious mind then you have the subconscious mind and the subconscious mind tends to be very stubborn and it tends to want to stay where it currently is it tends to want to produce the current results that you’ve been getting in your life so the reason for example that I have this affirmation that I want to be a millionaire is because I’ve been dealing with some issues around limiting beliefs around money and I’ve been doubting whether I could be a millionaire and I needed to basically reprogram my subconscious mind to believe that I could be a millionaire and a very simple magical almost unbelievable fact about your subconscious mind is that it believes whatever you repeat to it consistently and it doesn’t matter how true or false the statement is whatever you repeat to your subconscious mind consistently eventually it just soaks that in your subconscious mind is like a sponge now there are a couple of tricks here that you have to follow in order to actually get affirmations to work for you so I’m going to go down and give you my quick little how-to list so when you’re doing affirmations a couple of things you want to make sure that you’re doing number one is that and it’s the most important part is that you have to do your affirmations daily every single day without missing a day that means you do it today you do it tomorrow you do it the next day you do it the following day then you do it again and again and again and again and the next week and the next week in the next month the next month and you just keep doing it you have to drill it into your subconscious because your subconscious is like an animal mind it is not thinking logically about things this principle that your that your mind will take on whatever you feed it and say to it regardless of truth or falsity that principle only works through brute force and repetition so you say to yourself consistently all the time it’s like training a dog that’s basically what you’re doing is you have that dog mind inside of you somewhere you have a mind that’s a that’s very basic and primitive beyond the conscious mind that we have as humans we have this subconscious primitive mind and that primitive mind has to be trained through brute repetition and the key there is to not miss a single day the way that I do affirmations is five-minute periods so I literally will take a timer and I will set aside some time in the morning or in the evening some quiet time by myself where I just sit down and I press the timer for five minutes I set it at five minutes I press it go and then I start doing the affirmations and I just repeat for five minutes straight and I will say to myself I’m a millionaire I am a millionaire I am a millionaire I’m a millionaire and so I’ll say that for five whole minutes straight without any distractions without any interruptions you have to do this in a very quiet environment you can do with your eyes open you can also do with your eyes closed and so that’s it that’s pretty much how informations work but you have to do that all the time you do it consistently I would say at least commit yourself to a month of affirmations on whatever specific issue you want to be working on so if it’s money and you want to work on abundance of money then you would say this I am a millionaire affirmation to yourself for at least a month straight without missing a single day and maybe even two months or three months depending on how how much problem you’re having in that area so the more problem you’re having in there the more deep-seated that that problem is that limiting belief the grounded it is in childhood events then the more you’re going to have to use the affirmations so that’s basically the most important thing is to do consistently and this is where most people fail is that they don’t do it consistently they do it on and off and so they don’t get the results so I would say that if you’re not going to do it consistently and by consistently mean every single day 100% then don’t even do affirmations they’re not going to work for you so either do it consistently or don’t do them at all now if you do decide to do them consistently then you’re going to want to keep in mind a couple of other points about affirmations the next point is that an affirmation is a short concise phrase ideally a phrase not even a sentence so notice in this example that we’re using I am a millionaire very short simple phrase right this is not some long-winded airy-fairy conceptual philosophical statement or some sort of you know flowery mission statement or some sort of paragraph or a short story about yourself this is just a simple little phrase and that’s what you want to keep it to always keep as few words in your affirmation as you can get to get the gist across right so keep them short keep them sweet keep them pithy because your mind your subconscious mind again it likes those slogans this is something that you want to be able to repeat yourself many many times within five minutes and it needs to be something that you don’t need to even be able to read off piece of paper you can just memorize it very simple I have a millionaire I am a millionaire I have a millionaire let me throw out some other examples for you how about I have unlimited energy I have unlimited energy I have unlimited energy I have unlimited energy how about what’s another one I love being confident I love being confident I love being confident I love being confident how about for those procrastinators out there in the crowd I’m always taking action I’m always taking action I’m always taking action I’m always taking action right you can literally couple an affirmation for any problem area in your life or any kind of goal that you set for yourself so whether it’s a fitness goal relationship goals money career goals business goals hobby goals any kind of personal development goals that you have any kind of thoughts that you want to have you can create an affirmation for it and it’s such a flexible technique which is why it’s so powerful and awesome ok the next point we talked about keeping the phrases short and I gave you some short examples the next point is make sure that they’re stated in the positive so notice if I’m struggling with money and I have limiting beliefs around money I am still going to use a positive affirmation to work on that I’m not going to say I you know I’m not going to go broke I’m not going to go broke I’m not going to go broke don’t do that instead flip it around and say it in the positive I’m going to be wealthy I’m going to be wealthy I’m going to be wealthy I’m going to be wealthy right state stuff in the positive always and this can be a little bit tricky especially for some of us negative thinkers who are always caught on this idea that we have to be moving away from things whether you’re stuck and you’re unhealthy right now and you want to say well I I just want to be to my normal health I don’t really want to be super healthy I just don’t want to be unhealthy so in that case you might have this natural tendency to say well I’m no longer fat I’m no longer fat I’m no longer fat you might do an affirmation like that but that is a negative affirmation you want to flip it around and say I am fit I am fit I am fit or I’m at my ideal weight pick up pick a number pick whatever weight you want to be at for me it was 170 I’m at 170 I’m at 170 I’m at 170 whatever that is make sure it’s positive it’s always got to be positive because your mind your subconscious mind especially tends to exclude that not that negative part so when you say I don’t want to be fat what happens is that your mind just kind of takes out and crosses out the don’t and it just says I want to be fat and it just has that picture of fat you want to move your mind off from the negative pictures onto the positive pictures so this is also dovetailing with visualization so that is also an important point is keeping stuff positive another point is start your affirmations if you can with I am it’s nice to start an affirmation with I am because this goes to your identity this goes into shaping your beliefs in your self-image about who you really are at the core so when I say I am a millionaire that’s something about me that’s like me saying that there’s something within me that is generating money that’s attracting money it’s like I was born to be a millionaire right it’s more I debt I’m more identifying with that statement and this is shaping my self-image on a deep level if I do it repeatedly whereas if I just say I have lots of money or I you say something like I’m making lots of money that is not so much identity-based you want to make sure your affirmations are grounded in identity so I’m always confident I’m just a confident kind of person I’m naturally confident right you want to make sure that the things that you’re adopting are natural to you that you’re stepping into that role in your like role playing it you’re feeling it so if you want to be more confident you’re naturally confident if you want to be wealthy you’re naturally wealthy you don’t struggle to be wealthy you just naturally are that is a powerful way to go about it so I am I am this I am that I am healthy I’m wealthy whatever you want it to be next is be specific use the specific affirmations so the more specific you can make it the better you want to be earning certain dollar amount per year put that into your affirmation do you want to be driving a certain type of car with a certain model on it put that into your affirmation do you want to be living in a certain state in a certain city in a certain neighborhood in a certain house on a certain street put all that into your affirmation the more specific then the more your mind will latch on to it and feel like it’s real and the next point and the last point I think I’ll make is make sure that your affirmations are stated in the present tense what does this mean well I can say I will be a millionaire or I can say I am a millionaire right now this one’s a little bit tricky and took me some time to get my mind around this idea cuz I always tend to say well I’m not a millionaire right now I can believe the fact that maybe I’ll be a millionaire in the future but it sounds silly to say that I’m a millionaire right now no the point of the affirmation is that you’re trying to instill something in yourself a belief a sense of confidence and faith to do that you say that you are right now even though you are not so yes in the outer world right now I am NOT a millionaire that’s just a matter of fact but in my inner world I’m reprogramming myself and I’m saying that I am a millionaire I’m trying to get in touch with that feeling of billing it being a millionaire what does it feel like what does a millionaire think like what does a millionaire visualize I’m trying to get into that role and the way you do that is not by imagining that you’re going to be a millionaire sometime in the future it’s about just drilling into your mind that you’re a millionaire right now and trusting that that will have its effect and it does have its effect because that trying to principle whatever you repeat and say to your mind over and over again is what it’s going to absorb is always at play so if that’s the case wouldn’t you want to leverage that as best as you can and feed yourself with the most powerful type of affirmations possible well I do that’s why I put them in the present tense all right so those are my points about positive affirmations there’s more to this there’s more tips and techniques for how to use affirmations which I’ll cover in other videos in fact it’s part of my personal velopment blueprint you can find at actualised org slash blueprint I have a thing there on affirmations but this is going to do it here please go ahead and start doing affirmations it’s an amazing technique for getting yourself on top of your goals and working out some of your limiting beliefs some of the stuff that’s holding you back in life all right so I’m going to be signing off here go ahead share this like this leave your comments down below and of course visit actualised org we have amazing stuff other techniques that you can use alongside with affirmations like visualization contemplation and other stuff that you can use to really get you to the next level in life that you want to be at and you can also sign up to my newsletter there which is going to give you free videos every just like this one right in your Inbox you